Trane Heat Pump System

Trane Heat Pump Systems Installed By Trane Comfort Specialists.

DIY Comfort Depot is proud to provide Trane Heat Pump Systems Voted By LifeStory Research as American's Most Trusted Brand For HVAC 4 Years In A Row! 

DIY Comfort Depot offers two grades of install Basic and EliteBasic installation comes with a 1 Year Labor warranty, removal of the old equipment, return box, outdoor pad, whip, snow legs, and more. 

Elite Installation comes with everything the Basic Installations comes with PLUS 5 Years of Labor Warranty, a Nest Generation 3 or Eco Bee Wifi Smart Home Thermostat, Surge Protectors, 2 Years Of Preventative Maintenance and an Automatic Drain Switch.  

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Trane 2 Ton XV18 Heat Pump System Installed, Trane Heat Pump System - DIY Comfort Depot
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